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Facts & Figures

  • Capital City: Brasilia
  • Population: 170m
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Grand Prix Race Track: Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Interlagos, São Paulo
    • Number of laps: 71
    • Total race length: 306km
    • Most Frequent Winner: Alain Prost - 6 times
    • Last Winner: Sebastian Vettel (2017)
  • Official Grand Prix Web Site

Ideas for a Brazil Themed Party

The Brazilian Grand Prix is often the final race of the season, and as a result - regardless of whether or not anything depends on the outcome of the race - is often followed by a huge party. It's kind of fitting that this happens in Brazil, the home of so many carnivals, samba music, colourful costumes, etc. To replicate this at home, all you need is some loud samba music, some great Brazilian food and drink, and the whole room decked out in yellow and blue (the colours of the nation's flag and also its famous football team)... and fortunately, we have links to all this and more on this page!

Brazil Party Decorations

  • Decorate yourself and your room with Brazilian flags, streamers, bunting etc (see links, right)
  • If you're serving food, search for yellow & blue table covers, napkins, plates, cups and cutlery on our General Party Decorations Page
  • For bunting, flags, balloons and more Brazil Party Decorations Ideas, visit our American Flags & Decorations Page
  • As for colour schemes, in addition to the above ideas, anything else you can find in yellow and blue will help create the right atmosphere

Food for a Brazil Themed Party

Brazilian cooking has been influenced by many other nations and cultures. In addition to the cooking of the indigenous peoples, Brazilian cuisine has been heavily influenced by the Portuguese, who first colonised the area 500 years ago, and by the culture of the West African slaves that they brought with them.
Additionally, the style of cooking and the ingredients used differs by region in this vast country, although rice and beans as staples are consumed almost everywhere. In the north, close to the Amazon, fish is an important source of protein, and there is an abundance of fresh local root vegetables and fruit. By contrast, the central and western areas, much of which is open grassland, produce large quantities of beef, corn and pork.

Like their close neighbours and arch-rivals the Argentinians, Brazilians love to barbecue, and often a barbecue becomes an all day event, with mountains of beef being slowly barbecued throughout the afternoon, being gradually eaten slice by slice, washed down with cold beer. The beef is often simply salted and cooked - very little marination. The Brazilians claim to have been the first to introduce beef to South America, even before it arrived in Argentina. Whether that's true or not, beef is certainly always on the menu!

Starters & Side Dishes

Barbecue Recipes Main Courses

Drink for a Brazilian Party

Brazil's national drink is a cocktail called Caipirinha, which is made using the local spirit Cachaça . Cachaça is made from distilled sugar cane, and isn't widely available outside Brazil, but you can substitute good quality white rum or vodka instead. Click here for the recipe for Brazil's classic Caipirinha cocktail. Additionally, Brazil is rightly famed for its coffee, and locally brewed beer is also extremely popular. The best-selling brands are Skol and Brahma , and it is traditional in Brazil to serve lager beer with more of a head on top than would be expected in the UK, for example.

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